Spiritual wisdom shines through the five women's stories of life, illness and financial struggle as they come to know themselves, raise their families and strengthen their faith to with integrity, love and forgiveness. A must-read for everyone who desires to rely on deeper wisdom, be bolstered by stronger faith and create an exemplary life.


Being an empath can be quite challenging but it also brings wonderful rewards. Journey of an Empath is a collection of personal stories from empaths around the world who have shared their experiences to help raise awareness and assist empaths in understanding how to manage their gifts in healthy and positive ways. 


The Akasha, the energetic record of all that exists, everything that has happened, and will happen, is  encoded within us. It is the background for and all we think, feel and do.  This book explores its infinite intelligence, helping us unerstand ourselves as infinite souls. As one of the storytellers in the book, I share how  I harness the wisdom of the Akasha when creating my art.