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Reviews for Faith, Power, Joy

Sheryl A Stradling's writing is purposeful, crafted to inspire and empower women and anyone who wants to experience genuine growth and success. In the heart of her message is the startling realization that our spiritual growth creates a corresponding material success. . . .The writing is beautiful and polished, and the entire book features heart-warming and entertaining stories that inspire faith and the commitment to positively embrace the challenges of life and to transform them into opportunities.Faith, Power, Joy: Spiritual Guidance from 5 Generations of Remarkable Women is a book with a message that will resonate in many hearts. I had a lot to learn from its characters.

 - Readers' Favorite 5-Star review by Divine Zape 

A highly readable family story that brims with heart and optimism.- Kirkus Reviews 

Testimonials for Akashic Readings

My Akashic reading was so insightful and inspiring. The reading touched upon matters no other psychic or healer had found and I think it reached into the foundation of the block I have been trying to clear. Sheryl’s advice and recommendations were so valuable. I appreciate her insights and help. - Ariann T.

Sheryl went straight to my soul with my Akashic Record reading. I wanted to know about my life’s purpose and soul purpose this lifetime, what Sheryl told me brought me instantly to tears and I am not a crier. It resonated deep within me and I knew to the core of my being this was true. I feel everything she told me was accurate, and this will help me greatly on my life’s path going forward. I highly recommend Sheryl for your Akashic Record reading, she is wonderful to work with. - Cheryl R.