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Akashic soul journey

There is a reason for everything. It’s no accident that you’ve found this site. It may be because you’ve heard of the Akashic Records and want to find out more, or perhaps you are tired of the challenges in your life. 

Akashic Records show the “big picture” of your life. You can understand your choices better, improve your relationships and grasp why certain issues trouble you. 

By accessing the Records, you can release unsupportive beliefs, clear trauma and pain, heal family patterns and discover your true soul path.


What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records have been called the Book of Life or the Book of Remembrance. The Sanskrit word, akasha, means atmosphere, open space or sky. It is also thought of as a primary substance that makes up the universe. It’s considered the “information arm” of God. Some think of it as a tapestry being continuously woven of all the thoughts and actions of every individual’s life.

The Akashic Records is also a “library” of information about each human soul. They are not a physical library; they exist on a non-physical plane as energy. You could imagine it as a cosmic “world wide web” where each of us has our own page with everything about us on it. It’s interactive because everything we think or do changes it.

Each soul has its own Akashic Record from the moment of physical origin. This includes each soul’s essence, and everything the soul has thought, intended or done, including future possibilities.

Edgar Cayce (often called “the sleeping prophet”) was probably the most well-known psychic medium to access the Akashic Records. In a dream, he visualized the way he accessed the Records. He wrote, “Quite suddenly I come upon a hall of records. It is a hall without walls, without ceiling, but I am conscious of seeing an old man who hands me a large book, a record of the individual for whom I seek information.” – Edgar Cayce My Life as a Seer: The Lost Memoirs, (compiled & Edited by A. Robert Smith)

“The “A-field” or Akashic “In-formation” field is a new way of thinking about nature. The Akasha is a medium that underlies everything and to which everything returns. Although we can’t perceive it with our senses, we can reach it through spiritual practice.” – Ervin Laszlo, philosopher/scientist/author – Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything

Frequently asked questions


Everyone has access to his or her own Akashic Records through their intuition or in a deeply relaxed, meditate state. However, many people don’t know the best way to do this or don’t trust their intuition to provide the information they need. A better option is to get the help of a trained consultant. As an Akashic Records consultant, I’ve been trained to access the Records for others and am certified through the School of Akashic Knowing.


Yes and no. The Records exist on an energetic plane where everything is in the eternal now. They encompass all of our experiences. We experience time as past, present and future; some accept our physical death as the end. We can also see time as a continuum with our souls continuing through space and time but not always in physical form. What’s important is that we can understand ourselves better, overcome limitations and create, new positive lives by assessing the Akashic Records whether we believe in past lives or not. 


Each soul has his/her own record keepers. They are guardians who watch over your soul’s journey and record it. You can compare them to guardian angels, but the Record Keepers watch over the details of your life and record them. We call them Beings of Light because they are non-physical, but intelligent energy forms. They are here to help you understand your soul’s journey in practical ways.


We will relax into a calm, meditative state. As your consultant, I’ll access the Akashic records through a simple prayer. Then you can ask questions about your concerns. It’s best to prepare your questions in advance. The information will come through me intuitively from your Record Keepers. We’ll talk about it and clear any energetic blocks, trauma, pain, etc. We’ll close with the next practical steps you can take and a short prayer.

Accessing the Akashic Records is similar to accessing a person’s private space. That is why I request your permission and honor your privacy. Information in a consultation is confidential.

Overcome Your challenges

Most of us face problems or difficulties at times. But when they become your life’s main scenario and you’re stuck, it’s time for a new perspective: the Akashic Records. Here you can discover your soul journey. You can live your best life now! Understand, dissolve and overcome these:

Repeating Dramas - The same scenarios playing over and over.

Feeling Stuck - Discouraged or uncertain about Life Purpose.

Relationship Challenges - Trouble finding the love of your life.

Financial Struggles - Landing the job or career you love.

Health Problems - Trouble finding answers to chronic health issues.


I’m a spiritual seeker. I taught myself self-hypnosis and meditation at thirteen, and dedicated my life to God. I’ve been a pioneer in the spiritual and holistic health movements all my adult life. I am certified in Reiki (third degree), breathwork (formerly known as rebirthing), massage, Chi Gong energy healing, herbalism, Pranic Healing and Akashic consultations, and have a Master’s Degree in humanities. 

As an intuitive empath and teacher, I love helping others. In my Akashic work, I access your individual Akashic Records and combine the modalities of energy healing, intuition, a holistic approach to health and my life experience. I am a certified Akashic Records consultant through the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom.


My Akashic reading was so insightful and inspiring. The reading touched upon matters no other psychic or healer had found and I think it reached into the foundation of the block I have been trying to clear. ~ Ariann T.

My reading with Sheryl provided me with some new clarity and deep healing in my life. I feel lighter, more grounded, and full of encouragement. She is a gifted, efficient reader who knows how to best support the questions at hand!  ~ Kimberly L. 

I appreciated the answers Sheryl was able to access from the Akashic record keepers and the subsequent clearing she was able to do. I also really appreciate that Sheryl is trained in several (other) modalities of healing arts and practices beyond the Akashic work….it makes for a more holistic, integrated session where she can pull from all the wisdom and insight she has become attuned to heed. I felt her warmth and support come through, and it didn’t matter at all that we were in different cities connecting through cyberspace. Sheryl is the “real deal” and I hope to send other clients her way.  ~ Marla K.